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Does crystal meditation really work?

por Kiroga Sun 06 Oct 2016

Healing with crystals has been practiced in many cultures and religious traditions for thousands of years. Healing crystals are also frequently used in meditation and chakra work.

Healing crystals can conduct and amplify energy. They have been used all over the world and have been found in archeological sites. Many believe that a healing crystal can be connected with the user’s mind in a way that can amplify and focus the vibrations of the user’s mind, somewhat like a crystal is used to create a focused beam in lasers. This allows a practitioner to use the healing crystal to radiate healing energy in a concentrated form and, sometimes, transmit it to objects or other people. Healing crystals can also be used to absorb and release negative energy that creates disease in a subject and balance their energy fields.

Healing crystals can be used in Chakra work. Each of the 7 energy systems has certain types of healing crystals associated with it. Practitioners may use these healing crystals to balance the energy of each chakra and restore balance to the individual. Healing crystals placed in strategic locations in a room can have a direct effect on the environment and the well being of the individuals there.

Having a large healing crystal in a room can reduce stress by reducing the negative energy in the space.

Healing crystals can be a useful adjunct in meditative practice. Because of their ability to focus energy they can aid in concentration, relaxation, release of negative energy, and receptivity. Some recommend a double pointed quartz healing crystal held in the left hand as an aid in meditation. A double ended healing crystal is more powerful. The left hand is connected to the right side of the brain through our nervous system. The right side of the brain is thought to have a special connection to the pineal gland, and through the pineal gland, to the Higher Self and higher levels of consciousness. In this way a healing crystal can aid in connecting to your higher consciousness during meditation.

There is evidence that healing crystals have been used in healing and meditative practices by the Aboriginal people of Australia, the Cherokee, Apache and Hopi tribes of Native Americans, the Maya, the Inca, and the Druids. Healing crystals have been found in archeological sites in most of the ancient world, including Europe, Egypt, China, and the Americas.

The use of healing crystals has certainly stood the test of time. In many cultures, shamans had a special relationship with their healing crystals. The healing crystals were closely guarded and precisely cared for to maximize their power and protect them from negative energy.

Healing crystals used in removing negative energies were ritually cleansed to release the negativity and restore their power.

Our practice of wearing gemstone jewelry may have originated in ancient times from the practice of wearing healing crystals in a pouch around the neck, close to the heart chakra, a practice that continues today. The healing crystals were worn to protect against negative energy as well as for healing and balancing the energy of the wearer. Healing crystals absorb and amplify energy vibrations, but also have a vibration pattern of their own that is specific to their crystalline structure.

Different types of gems and healing crystals will have different vibration patterns that make them particularly useful for different problems. Explore the use of healing crystals in your meditation, balancing, or healing practices.


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