Amethya Premium Ceramic Set of 6, Colorful Meal Stoneware (Coffee Mugs)

Small Mouth Colorful Mugs For The Typical Beverage Moments

  • Amethyas' 14oz. (415 ml) colorful small mouth mugs are perfect for giving your morning routine an improvement, a cheap way to decorate your home, or even a good idea to gift your friends with. It’s not just about serving hot beverages in the most comforting way; it’s also a pleasing way to cheer up individual or family relaxing moments.
Convenient for Serving. Safe to Use.
  • Its elegant handles help transport them around or hang the whole set on a special décor style furniture in your kitchen and dining room. Constructed glazed stoneware - a dense, strong, and durable ceramic that's specifically appropriate for functional ware.
The Quality You Can Only See at Amethya’s Ceramic Mugs
  • Pack comes with a variety of 6 elegant colors. Product’s size measures are: 11” (7,5 cm) x 7.5” (6,2 cm) x 1.5” (9,8 cm).

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