Over the Floor Interlocking Floor Tiles, EVA Foam Puzzle Mat with Borders - Black and White, 16 SQ. FT (16 Tiles) (Black & White)

  • Over the Floor's puzzle mat makes an ideal fitness and workout mat, but it's much more than just a mat. It's also great for playrooms, basement protection, or any indoor space that needs a soft surface for work or play.
  • If the problem is to make a hard-cold surface comfortable and suitable for any activity, just add a few of these interlocking simple pads and watch it become a soft, foamy, fun surface. This is why our puzzle mat is also largely used as a baby stretching and core work exercise platform too.
  • Made from resilient, non-toxic EVA foam. Indoor use only. Not recommended to use it over carpets.
  • Very easy to install in just a few minutes, depending on the coverage area.
  • Product size: 1’ x 1’ x 3/8” (31 x 31 x 1 cm). 

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