Basics Hardware Edison Light Bulb | Antique Vintage Style Light | Amber Warm Incandescent | (4 Globe Bulbs)

Classic and Modern in the Same Room

  • Inspired by Thomas Edison's original filament bulb, it will match perfectly with architectural restoration projects and any conceptual space, bringing not just light, but a vintage touch and a warm glow to your decoration.
  • Each bulb illuminates with a warm Amber glow, filling any space with the utilitarian ambiance reminiscent of the original tungsten filament bulbs of the mid-20th century.

Light It Up with Personality

  • The Edison Light Bulb is designed with dimmable exposed filament giving you the freedom to create the perfect ambiance. You can use with or without lampshades or fixtures to bring vintage style into any lighting situation.
  • And to brings the best experience, it comes in shatter-proof packing, designed to protect the bulbs for shipping and storage.

A Touch of Vintage to Your Home

  • An Antique vintage look for bedroom and kitchen.
  • Also an addition to all kinds of commercial decoration. Including wall sconces, pendant lighting, commercial string lights, bar, cafe, restaurant, outdoor barbecue area, porch, driveway, etc.

Style, Quality, and Longevity

  • The Edison Light Bulb is very durable and longer-lasting than most other bulbs in the market.
  • It generates from 400 to 780 Lumens, offering more than 30,000 hours of life.


  • 60W 120v bulbs are incandescent, classic squirrel cage filament, amber glass, T45 Tube Shape, dimmable (dimmer switch not included); Built with E26 universal medium base to fit the standard home lighting sockets, as well as any pendant light fixture ready to be used indoors or outdoors

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