Animals Favorite New Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Print (Beige and Brown)

  • The Perfect Pet Bed for an Awesome Rest Animals Favorite's checkered pattern pet beds' smoothness is all you need for your dogs' relaxing. Respecting their sleep cycles is one of the most important things to their overall health and longevity. This pet bed with checkered printing comes in TWO different sizes - Medium or Large - offers the softest, cozy spot they can find.
  • Nice plushy comfy sleep for your loved ones? Just found it. Made of high-quality material with an extremely soft cushion, this pet bed offers your pet comfort and great insulation. All in a highly comfortable structure that contains most pet breeds and medium to large dog sizes, with enough filling on the bottom to give them the most support. It has a stable design and 100% polyester manufactured material cover.
  • Healthy and Necessary: Healthy for them, Necessary for you. Waking up from a restful night of sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. Your dog deserves to feel the same. Watch your pup lull him/herself into a deep sleep in this beyond the comfortable plushy bed. All of Animals Favorite’s products are designed and crafted to reach the highest quality pet beds can get, using sustainable safe materials.
  • Available in two sizes Choose wisely which bed size you’ll acquire. We suggest that you measure your pets before purchasing the bed, for their sizes may give them a better position to sleep or rest. They come in two different sizes. The smaller one is 22” (56cm) x 18.1” (46cm) x 5.9” (15cm). And the bigger one is 25.1” (63,7cm) x 21.2” (54cm) x 7.1” (18cm).
  • Safe and Restful The back of these pet beds is made of a high-quality material that emulates rubber’s adherence, so no matter how big or small your pets are, it won’t slip, or wobble, while they’re finding themselves a better position to sleep. More than that: it gives them safe non-skid support when they need to get up running towards the entrance door when you get home by the end of the day.
  • Awesome Head Rest Raised sides to help reduce drifting, stimulating nesting instinct while giving them the best anatomic support they all love. It’s also an observing spot where they can lay their heads upon to see everything going on in your house.

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